MinuteHound Time Clock Calculator Instantly Forecasts Financial Benefit of Biometric Time and Attendance

MinuteHound’s free Time Clock Calculator shows employers how much money their own business is losing due to time theft, buddy punching, human error, and unnecessary payroll expenses. By entering in basic information (no contact information required), a business can obtain a detailed report of potential savings, including explanations and a thorough breakdown. The time clock calculator is a powerful tool because it illuminates areas of unapproved cost that executives are often unaware of.

MinuteHound saves businesses time and money by streamlining the payroll process, while eliminating time theft. MinuteHound offers a variety of plans which can accommodate companies with as few as 20 employees, all the way up to multinational corporations.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner clock-in terminal does not require a dedicated computer. The scanner is plug-and-play. It simply connects to any computer without interference, including computers already hosting point of sale systems. MinuteHound time clock software runs in the background leaving other programs unaffected. USB extension cables allow the scanner to operate up to 54-feet from the computer. Registering each employee takes about one minute. The system is ready for use as soon as it is plugged in to its designated computer.

Instead of using identification badges or the like, employees log in to the MinuteHound system using their fingerprint. This foolproof system prevents buddy punching and time card errors. The proprietary fingerprint recognition software has been tested and approved for use at high-security military facilities. Part of this trust is thanks to the proven security features, such as MinuteHound’s multi-server encryption of fingerprints.

Once MinuteHound is installed, employers are able to monitor employee hours in real-time from any web browser. Employers can enter the schedule of each employee, allowing the system to send emails alerting them of any irregularities. The MinuteHound Time Clock greatly reduces the workload of accounting staff by automatically creating a full report of employees’ hours.

The American Payroll Association estimates that businesses in the United States lose about $140-billion dollars every year due to schedule exceptions, buddy punching, and unapproved overtime. The MinuteHound Time Clock keeps a record of employee attendance and time, protecting businesses from accusations of under-compensation. The system quickly pays for itself in addition to reducing labor costs.

The MinuteHound Time Clock is ideal for large businesses with multiple branches where employees often have limited supervision. The system allows for easy enforcement of rules, ensuring a culture of honesty and accountability.

MinuteHound has created a free time clock calculator, which illustrates the benefits of having a biometric system in place. Businesses not currently using biometrics will find the information shocking, as the dollars to be saved can be quite surprising.

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