MINEX Tests DigitalPersona FingerJet, Certifies It, Places it in Top 10 Percent Of Recognition Engines

8587_digitalpersona_digitalpersonalogo_1_December 11, 2013 – by Peter B. Counter

Interoperability is key in the world of feature recognition. Thanks to the accelerating adoption of fingerprint biometrics technology, this is especially true for engines that measure the features on the tips of our fingers. New innovations in biometric smartphones, smart cards the feature touch and swipe sensors, and platforms that ease the adoption of fingerprint physical access control systems are giving customers an unprecedented amount of choice when it comes to picking out a security solution.

DigitalPersona announced today that its FingerJet Recognition Engine matching elements have been certified by the MINEX testing program and the National Institute for Technology Standards (NIST), making the solution viably interoperable with other certified engines. This means that templates created with FingerJet are compatible with extraction and matching methods that also conform to Personal Identity Verification (PIV) standards set forth by the US Government.

“A unique property of our engine is its use in low-cost, embedded processors without compromise in accuracy or responsiveness,” said Vance Bjorn, CTO and vice president of corporate development at DigitalPersona.

This commitment to accessibility in adoption while maintaining a high level of performance is a big draw for the newly certified FingerJet. At this point in the game it is clear that the barriers for biometric adoption are still in the way, especially the cost versus security conundrum. being able to offer the full power of the DigitalPersona engine through low cost hardware is an impressive claim considering how the solution stacks up against the other certified solutions.

With the certification announcement, DigitalPersona also revealed that FingerJet has officially performed within the top 10 percent of the 68 vendors that have submitted fingerprint recognition solutions for MINEX assessment. This statistic is calculated in regard to median accuracy when performing with other engines and absolute performance.

DigitalPersona’s fingerprint solutions are currently being applied in a wide variety of situations across a diverse section of markets. After acquiring Identity Stream in October, the company has seen its technology deployed in banking solutions in Africa, and it’s ATLUS solution that was announced at this year’s CARTES security event is another cost effective way to address a pervasive problem across the globe: a lack of identification documents.