MePIN Platform Gets Facial Recognition

MePIN/Meontrust Inc. has brought additional biometric security technology to its eponymous authentication platform.

MePIN Platform Gets Facial RecognitionWhile MePIN already facilitated biometric authentication via mobile fingerprint scanning, it now offers facial recognition for added security. One iteration of this feature, dubbed User Recognition, uses facial biometrics to ensure that a preregistered user is the person authorizing a payment; the other, Human Recognition, scans a user’s face while they enter a PIN or scan a fingerprint, and can also be configured to take a photo during this process, thereby further enhancing security for an administrator implementing it – for example, a merchant could use this feature to help safeguard against transaction disputes.

The new features could help to further raise the profile of MePIN in the authentication industry as the company celebrates its participation in the Canadian Mobile Connect, a mobile authentication project that was recently nominated for a GSMA Global Mobile Award. The MePIN platform is currently available as an SDK aimed at payment services and card providers.

February 13, 2017 – by Alex Perala