Maharashtra Considers Safran, NEC Bids for Biometric Criminal Registration System

State authorities in Maharashtra, India, are preparing to implement biometric identification of criminals, and Safran Identity & Security and NEC are in the running to provide the needed technology, reports The Indian Express.Maharashtra Considers Safran, NEC Bids for Biometric Criminal Registration System

The Automatic Multi-modal Biometric Identification System (AMBIS) will employ fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition, allowing state law enforcement officials to check criminals’ biometric data against records in the National Crime Records Bureau. The project will see this technology deployed in the state’s various districts in the form of dedicated biometric terminals, one for each police station, with a central server based in Mumbai storing all recorded biometric data. The systems will be used to collect the biometrics of “offenders in serious criminal cases,” The Indian Express reports.

State authorities say they are now assessing the bids of Safran and NEC, the only vendors to have met the project’s technical standards. One of the companies will be selected to proceed this month, with the project expected to be implemented within a year.

The law enforcement authorities’ embrace of biometric identification tracks with a broader embrace of biometrics in the form of Aadhaar, India’s pioneering national ID program. It isn’t yet clear if the AMBIS will be linked with Aadhaar in any way, but the criminals undergoing the police’ biometric scans are likely to be unfazed by the technology given its growing preponderance in everyday life.

Source: The Indian Express

February 6, 2017 – by Alex Perala