Lumidigm Acquired By HID Global, Looks To Extend Tech Beyond Fingerprint Biometrics

Lumidigm LogoFebruary 10, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

Lumidigm’s multispectral biometric imaging technology is proven to be versatile, simply based on the wide range of deployments it can boast. Biometric ATMs, electronic health records and patient tracking, access control and even planned connected car applications all have a place for the company’s sensors that are designed for accuracy in even the most extreme weather conditions.

The proprietary technology will now be bolstering the authentication portfolio of HID Global, an ASSA ABLOY Group brand that has acquired the fingerprint biometrics company. While HID Global benefits from the technology, Lumidigm will be able to take advantage of its acquirer’s size: the trusted identity solutions company – headquartered in Austin, Texas – operates internationally, supporting over 100 countries with its offices around the globe.

Lumidigm’s executive chairman and the president of the International Biometrics & Identification association, Bob Harbour, expands on this, saying: “This acquisition will enable Lumidigm to take advantage of HID Global’s size, channel and product development strengths to exploit a variety of important new market opportunities. As part of HID Global, Lumidigm can expand its current business while also extending proven technology beyond finger- and hand-based applications into iris, facial and other smart imaging systems. The combined company will also have the opportunity to apply multispectral imaging capabilities to credential acquisition and authentication, gesture recognition, and other image-based process control systems, making multi-factor authentication on a single, integrated device a reality.”

The opportunity to explore multiple biometric technologies is invaluable for Lumidigm. The current market is looking very friendly towards multi-factor solutions, and on a global scale, being able to offer strong authentication imaging in terms of face and iris recognition will allow it to maintain a flexible edge.

Sticking with Lumidigm’s currently available technology, HID Global, along with ASSA ABLOY, are gaining very accurate and versatile fingerprint imaging. Multispectral fingerprint biometrics are unfazed by dirty or scarred prints, since they capture and compare the layer of skin underneath the surface. This same functionality is also why Lumidigm sensors can operate in inclement weather (something demonstrated by Lumidigm at conventions by placing a sensor underneath a running water fountain).

HID Global will not just be providing Lumidigm with the opportunities allowed by its size, but it will also be benefiting from Lumidigms already established presence in important markets.

“The company has unique technology protected by a large patent portfolio and proprietary algorithms and has achieved strong penetration in key emerging markets including South America and Africa,” adds president and CEO of HID Global Denis Hébert. “Additionally, Lumidigm has a premier global customer base across multiple strategically important markets.”