LumenVox Provides Biometric Authentication for MODIS IT Platform

LumenVox Provides Biometric Authentication for MODIS IT Platform

LumenVox has formed a new partnership with MODIS to offer customizable biometric security to their customers. Specifically, MODIS will be integrating LumenVox’s multimodal authentication tools into its suite of IT services, allowing enterprise-level clients to purchase the IT solution best suited to the demands of their company.   

“Our partnership serves the specific needs of the clients in a certified environment while meeting the strict GDPR regulations and requirements,” said LumenVox Managing Director Bettina Stearn.

“With this partnership, we take another step forward towards enhancing user experience,” added MODIS Managing Director Martin Wimmer. “By creating automated user-friendly processes, efficiency and customer satisfaction can be continuously improved.”

Like most forms of biometric authentication, LumenVox’s tools will allow companies to move away from inefficient passwords and make it more difficult for malicious individuals to gain access to sensitive corporate information.

With the exception of speech recognition, LumenVox’s announcement did not indicate what forms of biometric authentication will be available through the new partnership. LumenVox has been focusing on speech authentication since merging with VoiceTrust in September of 2018. It then entered into an agreement to provide voice recognition for the SmilePass authentication platform shortly after that announcement.

May 24, 2019 – by Eric Weiss