Lightspeed Announces Multimodal Authentication Solution For Healthcare Industry

Lightspeed Technology has announced a new multimodal authentication solution aimed at the healthcare industry.Lightspeed Announces Multimodal Authentication Solution For Healthcare Industry

The solution implements facial and iris recognition through a single camera, and is designed to be clipped onto a monitor or plugged into a USB port. It can produce face and dual iris images within five seconds, and from a distance of 14-20 inches, with each recording also marking metadata including timestamp, device ID, and IP address for additional security.

In a statement announcing the solution, Lightspeed proceeded to make some bold claims about the biometric efficacy of its solution, asserting that its cloud-based back end can match biometrics against “billions of records per second”, and asserting that its error-rate is virtually non-existent. “This positions Lightspeed’s error-free ID for large populations including regional and national scale identification requirements,” the company said.

If the Philadelphia-based company’s technology can indeed live up to these claims, it could find some considerable appeal not only in healthcare, where the increasing use of digital patient records calls for sophisticated patient identification solutions, but also in major government projects such as voter registration. All the more so if Lightspeed’s solution is indeed “priced well below peer multibiometric or fusion solutions,” though the company has not disclosed its pricing information.

May 15, 2018 – by Alex Perala