LG Pivots to Goodix for New Smartphones’ Fingerprint Sensors

Goodix is celebrating a major new client, with LG having integrated a Goodix fingerprint sensor into its new K10 and Stylus 3 smartphones. The announcement came at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.LG Pivots to Goodix for New Smartphones' Fingerprint Sensors

LG has evidently opted to shake things up after having used an IDEX fingerprint sensor in its Stylo 2 V and its Stylus 2 Plus smartphones last year. That’s good news for Goodix, given LG’s prominence as a consumer electronics maker. In a statement announcing the integration, Goodix CEO David Zhang said the partnership “marks a good beginning of 2017 for Goodix,” adding that both companies “share a common vision to pursue innovation and deliver value-added products.”

It isn’t the only good news for Goodix coming out of CES 2017. The company was also named an Innovation Award winner for its Live Fingerprint Detection Sensor, an optical fingerprint sensor with infrared cardiac biometrics scanning capabilities.

January 6, 2017 – by Alex Perala