Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Roundup

September has been Law Enforcement Biometrics Month here at FindBiometrics, in which we shed a spotlight on the many solutions and applications of identity tech in justice related verticals. From featured articles, to industry news coverage, to the latest entry in our renowned webinar series – September allowed us to give law enforcement due process when it came to our industry coverage. But now September is ending and it’s time to look back on the big events, articles and news from Law Enforcement Biometrics Month.

The Primer

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Roundup To kick things off on the right foot, we started September off with a primer meant to provide an overview of law enforcement biometrics in 2016. Looking at big trends in recent law enforcement headlines, the article outlines the use cases, biometric modalities, and controversies in the featured market of the month. Follow the link below to check it out:

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Primer

Biometric Law Enforcement In Practice

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The RoundupIn week two of Law Enforcement Biometrics Month we examined the role played by biometric background checks in public safety. The fingerprint-based process cross references subjects’ biometrics against relevant criminal and government databases, ensuring a thorough and accurate identity history. But recent controversy surrounding ride-share companies opposed to the process has brought biometric background checks into the mainstream eye of scrutiny. We examined the benefits and challenges of this public safety service in our featured article.

Then, in week three, we took a broader look at law enforcement biometrics, examining four unique use cases to help demonstrate just how diverse the justice-focused market is in terms of areas of application. Take a look at the links below to read more on these featured topics:

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Big Deal With Background Checks

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: 4 Unique Deployments

Connected Justice

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The RoundupLaw Enforcement Biometrics Month culminated in our expert webinar Connected Justice: The Benefits and Challenges of Biometric Law Enforcement. Starting with a brief market overview presented by Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics, the webcast gave way to a conversation on the topics of mobility, multimodality, vendor-government relationships, and even how biometrics are helping address the refugee crisis in Europe.

Watch the full recording at the link below:

WEBINAR: Connected Justice: The Benefits and Challenges of Biometric Law Enforcement

Biometric Law Enforcement in the News

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The RoundupLaw enforcement was in the biometrics industry news all month, complementing our featured focus. The following headlines will give you an idea of what’s going on right now in the world of biometric law enforcement technology.

APD Becomes First Police Agency to Use Cloud-Based ABIS

GIS 2016: Crossmatch Unveils Innovative New Mobile Livescan Tech

Green Bit to Debut New Hardware and Software at GIS

GALLERY: Bratwurst, Beer and Biometrics – JENETRIC Launches New Solution at GIS 2016 Party

Coast Guard Embraces Biometric Security Checks for High-Risk Scenarios

NEC, NT Police Recognized for Biometric Criminal Identification System

Inventor’s System Ties Breathalyzer to Biometric Authentication


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September 28, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter