Las Vegas Police Get NEC Multimodal Biometric System

Law Enforcement BiometricsThe Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is getting a comprehensive all-around biometrics platform to work with. The technology will be provided by NEC Corporation of America via its Integra-ID 5 system.

It’s a significant step for both the company and Las Vegas. The city has a population of over two million and is a major tourist destination, and LVMPD is the biggest police department in Nevada. Giving these police a comprehensive, multimodal biometrics platform capable of scanning voices, faces, irises, and palm- and fingerprints could have a major impact in terms of police work.

But another important factor in the deal is apparently the cost. In a press release, Sheriff Joseph Lombardo not only spoke of the importance of the Integra-ID 5’s forensic capabilities, but he also highlighted that “the NEC solution with its flexible service model and annual payment plan met our fiscal constraints and budgeting needs as well.” Biometric technology has long been sought after for security purposes, but there has been a spate of recent deployments in police departments at the local level; it seems fair to speculate that, as this kind of advanced technology continues to proliferate and drive costs down, it will only become more popular with budget-conscious law enforcement agencies beyond the LVMPD.

February 18, 2015 – by Alex Perala