Kount Adds Behavioral Biometrics to Anti-Fraud Platform

Anti-fraud specialist Kount has integrated BehavioSec‘s behavioral biometrics technology into its SaaS platform. The integration brings a new fraud detection tool to the table, confirming users’ identities based on patterns in how they interact with their devices through activities like typing and mouse movements.Kount Adds Behavioral Biometrics to Anti-Fraud Platform

In a statement announcing the integration, Kount COO Rich Stuppy explained that the use of such innovative technology like behavioral biometrics is key to protecting clients against the rapid evolution of fraud. He added that the technology will help to “better equip customers ranging from acquiring banks, to payment service providers, to online merchants to authenticate transactions and identify fraud before it happens.”

Indeed, such financial services sector institutions appear to have delivered the early demand that has driven the expansion of the emerging field of behavioral biometrics, with credit specialist Experian having adopted similar technology from BioCatch last month, and Mastercard having recently sought to capitalize on the excitement by seeking to acquire behavioral biometrics specialist NuData Security.

For its part, BehavioSec’s Kount partnership announcement comes soon after a deal with Appdome that could bring its behavioral biometrics technology to a number of Appdome clients’ mobile apps.

May 23, 2017 – by Alex Perala