New Keyboard Features SecuGen’s FBI-Certified Fingerprint Sensor

SecuGen technology is helping to power the biometric capabilities of a new keyboard from Key Source International (KSI).

New Keyboard Features SecuGen's FBI-Certified Fingerprint SensorDubbed the KSI-1700 UB, the keyboard features SecuGen’s U20 fingerprint sensor. That means the device is FIPS 201 compliant, allowing for sensitive public sector applications; while its FAP 20 certification should prove appealing to clients and users across a range of sectors. SecuGen’s fingerprint sensor is embedded into the top section of the keyboard, above the number pad.

In a statement announcing the new offering, KSI CEO Philip Bruno said his company opted for SecuGen technology because of its “strong reputation as an industry leader,” and because of the demand among KSI customers for “cost-effective, top-performing products that withstand the rigors of commercial use.”

The development signals a growing trend in PC electronics, with Microsoft also having recently launched a biometric keyboard, which features a fingerprint sensor embedded in one of the keys. But given that Microsoft’s device is aimed more at everyday consumers using its Windows 10 OS, and that the KSI-1700 UB is aimed at more security-sensitive applications and the public sector, there is still plenty of room for competition in this emerging market category.

August 15, 2017 – by Alex Perala