Kensington Officially Releases USB Fingerprint Reader

Kensington, a California-based device accessory maker, has officially released its VeriMark Fingerprint Key.

Kensington Officially Releases USB Fingerprint ReaderThe device was first announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show: It’s essentially a consumer fingerprint scanner, designed for use with Windows 10 and its Windows Hello security system, which supports biometric authentication. The USB device also meets FIDO Alliance specifications, and it features “anti-spoofing technology”, according to a statement from Kensington.

Commenting on the device’s official release, Kensington Senior Product Manager of Windows Consumer Marketing Pavan Li highlighted the enterprise applications of the technology, asserting that Windows Hello offers businesses “enterprise-grade security that is also easy to use,” and adding that devices like the VeriMark Fingerprint Key are “ideal for companies that have not deployed laptops with built-in biometric capabilities”.

The device’s release adds to a growing market of third-party solutions leveraging Windows Hello’s biometric capabilities, such as BIO-key’s USB fingerprint readers.

May 5, 2017 – by Alex Perala