Jumio Offers e-Book Guidance on GDPR Compliance

Jumio Offers e-Book Guidance on GDPR ComplianceJumio is urging businesses to consider carefully whether they are compliant with the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and has published a free e-book to help clarify the matter for administrators.

The GDPR has, of course, emerged as a major business driver for data security and authentication solutions providers like Jumio. The company’s award-winning Netverify system combines document reading with facial recognition, all through a standard mobile camera, to verify that end users are who they claim to be, offering a powerful tool for organizations seeking to implement better safeguards for the user data in their care – something the GDPR mandates by law.

But Jumio is concerned that too many organizations are still unaware of their obligations and liabilities under the new regulation. As the company points out in a blog post announcing its new e-book guide, the GDPR applies to “any company dealing with EU businesses’, residents’, or citizens’ data”, whether the company is based in Europe or not. Yet as of an April survey, only 13 percent of US companies said they were fully compliant with the regulation, which doesn’t bode well for compliance now that the regulation has taken effect.

Meanwhile, in the UK, which is still technically part of the EU, only six in 10 members of the Institute of Directors expected that their companies would become fully compliant, suggesting even some of those most directly impacted by the GDPR don’t have a handle on it. And that, in turn, makes Jumio’s e-book, and Netverify, all the more helpful.