Jenetric Awarded for Matching Accuracy in N2N Challenge

Jenetric has come out a winner from the N2N Challenge.Jenetric Awarded for Matching Accuracy in N2N Challenge

Organized by the Intelligence Advanced Research Project Agency (IARPA), the Nail-to-Nail fingerprint challenge saw teams from academia and the biometrics industry competing to deliver a system capable of scanning an entire fingerprint from nailbed to nailbed without the need for a human operator. Now, Jenetric has announced that it was “awarded for its capability not only to capture autonomously more than 90% of all fingerprints but particularity for the high matching performance of these fingerprint images compared with the same fingerprints taken from forensic experts and latent fingerprints,” according to a statement from the company.

The news comes alongside Green Bit’s announcement that it had won in two categories of the N2N Challenge, taking first place in “Latent Accuracy” and “Gallery Accuracy”. Those prizes come with a reward of $25,000 each, but it’s the prestige of winning that may prove most valuable, with Green Bit now enjoying an elevated profile in the biometrics industry.

As for Jenetric, in its announcement the company did not specify the category in which its Livetouch Quattro fingerprint scanning solution was named an N2N Challenge winner. Other categories in the competition include the Master Builder Prize, the Print Provider Prize, the Fastest Scan Prize, and the top prize for Best Usable Matching System, which entails a $100,000 reward.

March 22, 2018 – by Alex Perala