Istanbul Supermarkets Deploy Fingerprint Biometrics

In the workplace, biometric access control and time/attendance share quite a bit of overlap. Considering that in a retail situation, in order to punch-in, a worker needs to submit her biometric at a terminal, it is a logical extension in that case that the same action also be used to control facility access.

Biometric Access Control

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Today, biometrics and security technology provider Suprema announced that Carrefour Supermarkets has chosen its BioEntry Plus fingerprint reader for exactly this kind of double-deployment. Carrefour is a European retailer, and now it will be using Suprema’s fingerprint biometric solutions to keep track of staff attendance and add a level of trust and security to its facilities in Istanbul, Turkey.

According to Carrefour, the choice to go with Suprema’s fingerprint biometric solution is as much about efficiency and security as it is about employee behaviour control. Buddy punching – the act of having a friend use your employee credential to sign in for a day’s work while you play hooky – was becoming too difficult for the company’s HR department to regulate. With biometrics in control of the attendance list as well as facility access, buddy-punching will be much less of a concern.

The deployment in question is 500 units strong, but there is potential for growth. Suprema has identified this kind of deployment as one with expansion opportunities.

Suprema vice president president Young S. Moon explains,”Though the project is specifically for the supermarkets in Istanbul this time, we expect it will be a momentum to bring more opportunities of business expansion for partnership with Carrefour Group internationally in the future.”

Last week, Suprema released an Android SDK designed for use with the company’s BioMini Slim fingerprint scanner, the SDK can enable mobile devices to capture prints in various non-ideal conditions including direct sunlight.

July 30, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter