Iris Recognition Available To Catalogue Shoppers

Iris BiometricsHammacher Schlemmer, a catalog with a history stretching back to 1848, is offering its customers an iris recognition device designed to replace online passwords for account login. Descriptively named “The Eye Scanning Password Authenticator” in the online catalog, and selling for $ 279.95, the password replacing peripheral is in fact the myris from EyeLock.

EyeLock’s iris authentication device connects to a computer via USB and allows for the replacement of passwords with accurate biometrics. After a simple plug and play setup, a user adds her most frequented sites and apps to myris and can access them with a glance at the device’s camera.

myris is a Fido Ready technology, adhering to the consortium’s universal second factor (U2F) specifications. As far as consumer facing iris technology goes, eyeLock’s solution is the most readily available, with major retailers like Staples and Best Buy carrying myris. With Hammacher and Schlemmer offering it online, that’s one more way users can augment their login with biometrics.

March 10, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter