Iris ID Partners with Mentalix for Greater Role in FBI Biometrics Program

“Our iCAM R100 cameras add a valuable dimension to the Fed Submit kiosks. The Mentalix solution will make it easier – and faster – for local officials to know who is being booked and released from their facilities.” – Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Global Business Development and Sales, Iris ID

Iris ID Partners with Mentalix for Greater Role in FBI Biometrics Program

Iris ID is poised to play a bigger role in the FBI’s Next Generation Identification program thanks to a new partnership with Mentalix, Inc.

The latter is integrating Iris ID’s iCAM R100 facial and iris scanning cameras into its Fed Submit live scan platform, which is used by “civilian and law enforcement agencies across the country,” according to a statement announcing the partnership. Fed Submit allows client agencies to access the FBI’s iris database, in addition to developing their own iris databases, so its incorporation of the iCAM R100 cameras will further facilitate the sharing of iris data pertaining to background checks and criminal records.

In explaining Mentalix’s selection of Iris ID’s technology, CTO Dale Remmers cited its speed and accuracy for law enforcement administrators. “They can know within a few minutes if the suspect arrested for public intoxication has any felony warrants in other states,” he said, to offer one example, adding later that Iris ID’s solution can also be used to verify the identities of individuals being released from jail.

News of the integration arrives not long after another Iris ID solution, the iCAM M300, won an award in the SIA’s New Product Showcase during ISC West; and after the iCAM R100 itself was selected for use in a time and attendance tracking system by SimplyWork. All of which points to growing interest in Iris ID iris scanning technology, with Fed Submit likely to further raise its profile.

June 20, 2o18 – by Alex Perala