InCadence Mobile App Added to FBI Certified Products List

InCadence Strategic Solutions‘ Ares mobile biometrics software is now officially on the FBI Certified Products List, the company has announced.InCadence Mobile App Added to FBI Certified Products List

The app is designed to operate in conjunction with InCadence fingerprint scanners, which can be plugged into Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets. And the software is designed to connect with county and state fingerprint databases, as well as the FBI’s Repository for Individuals of Special Concern. With its capability to operate on standard cellular or Wi-Fi networks, Ares offers a uniquely mobile solution for in-the-field fingerprint scanning and matching on the part of law enforcement officials.

Its approval for inclusion on the FBI Certified Products List opens up opportunities for significantly more potential deployments. In a statement announcing the development, InCadence Program Manager Steve Hudson explained, “These national certifications for the Ares mobile biometrics solution open the door for all state and local law enforcement agencies to have this ground-breaking technology in their hands to aid the critical work they do every day.”

The certification is timely with respect to two important trends. One is the growing ubiquity of mobile devices and their use in everyday life; and the other is law enforcement authorities growing appetite for biometric matching technologies. And given that Ares also supports facial and iris matching, it could prove all the more popular as a mobile biometric identification solution.

September 6, 2018 – by Alex Perala