ASIS 2015: Iris ID Launches New Iris Readers

HiResIris ID has announced a new iris scanning device. Called the IrisAccess iCAM 7000S Series, the iris reader – which comes in two models – will be demonstrated at this week’s ASIS International conference in Anaheim.

Compatible with previous iCAM series models, the IrisAccess 7000S offers faster performance, onboard memory capable of storing 100,000 records, and a color touchscreen. It also sports a number of features, including an improved targeting system called TiltAssist. Leveraging the device’s rapid auto-focus lens and its larger targeting mirror, TiltAssist also uses visual and voice cues to help ensure that the user can easily be targeted and identified.

Given Iris ID’s previous experience with high-profile deployments, such as its agreement to provide the voter authentication technology for a major African country’s national election, or the use of its technology in the Canada Border Services Agency’s NEXUS fast-track security screening program, there is good reason to expect high quality from its latest iris biometrics offering. Moreover, the company has received industry recognition in the form of two GSN 2014 Homeland Security Awards, furthering bolstering its credibility.

The iCAM7000S is available in two models: iCAM71111S-U1 and iCAM7101S, both of which are available for shipment starting October 1st of this year.

September 28, 2015 – by Alex Perala