Interview with Ramsey Billups, Vice President Biometric Solutions, 3M Cogent

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So I think that the fastest growing market within biometrics within 3M Cogent is indeed the handheld mobile device where you are able to capture a fingerprint and perform a one-to-many search on the device itself or have the device transmit back to a larger and centralized AFIS to perform a one-to-many search on a watch list and obtain a response back in real time, real time being within 10-20 seconds. This is probably the fastest growing market right now within 3M Cogent.

fB: That leads well into my next question specifically around mobile identification which is critical for police forces around the world these days. Can you tell us a little bit more about the success of your mobile ID product suite?

3M: There are a couple of devices that we have right now. One is known as the BlueCheck© II. The BlueCheck© II is a relatively small device that weighs approximately 5 ounces, it’s ruggedized and it is FBI certified for 500 ppi. It has an optical sensor or it is PIV certified 500 ppi using a silicon sensor. With this device you can perform two types of searches, a capture of a fingerprint and a search directly on the device or you can transfer the fingerprints to a PDA or a laptop using Bluetooth technology. One of the features that we also provide is we have 3M Cogent software that runs on android, iOS and Blackberry operating systems in order to transmit the fingerprints to another device and perform the matching there. By design, 3M Cogent is agnostic in terms of the different types of devices that we can actually run our software on.

findBIOMETRICS Year in Review 2012

This is our 10th Anniversary Year in Review and the response this year was our largest ever with 68 companies/industry experts responding to our questionnaire!

yir2k12Thanks to all on our expert panel. This is the largest yearly global snapshot of our industry and over the past 10 years we have seen so many changes. The industry is entering into a serious growth phase right now. So many companies are reporting new markets, new verticals, new and innovative product lines, new partnerships and new deployments…several in the hundreds of millions of enrollees. There is a clear indication that GROWTH is where we are heading over the next 5 years. I can’t wait to see what the Identity and Biometrics world will look like then.

We received responses from Canada, Spain, Russia, China, Ireland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sweden, Germany, UK, Israel, France, Korea, The Netherlands, Taiwan, Lithuania, Singapore, Japan, Italy, Malaysia and the USA.

Participants include:

Iris ID Systems Inc., MorphoTrak, Lumidigm, IBIA, 3M Cogent, Cross Match Technologies, MITRE, Aware, Lockheed Martin, SmartMatic, ZKTeco, Northstar Recruiting, San Jose State University, Greenbit, NEC, Suprema, Daon, IEEE, WCC Smart Search and Search, Digital Persona, MorphoTrust, FaceFirst, Avalon Biometrics, AOptix, Natural Security, Agnitio, ekey Biometric Systems, Innometrics, Smart Sensors, Identification Technology Partners, Fingerprint Cards, IriTech, BIO-key, Cognitec, SIC Biometrics, SRI International, Creative Information Technology, Accenture, TBS- Touchless Biometric Systems, Raptor ID, ipsiti, Secunet, FST21, Biocertification, Nuance Communications, Neurotechnology, Precise Biometrics, Acuity, SecurLinx, Imageware, Speech Technology Center, Unisys, Speed Identity, HSB, Authenware, Human Recognition Systems,  Koehlke, IdentiMetrics, Fulcrum,  SecuGen, Integrated Biometrics, realtime, Voice Security Systems, M2SYS, SOFTPRO, Biometrie-Online.Net, ievo and Fujitsu Frontech North America. 

I hope you enjoy reading the 2012 Year in Review!  

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