Interview with Dotty Kaufenberg, Business Development Manager, David-Link Fingerprint USA Corp.


With solutions for building services and hospitality, and offering a wide product range of biometric doors, safes, attendance clocks and more, David-Link is the name of NIBO Corporation’s North American presence. Its product line starts with the simple idea of access control and time and attendance solutions, but David-Link is here to address the big issues of security in business and HR.

findBIOMETRICS President Peter O’Neill had a chance to chat with a David-Link representative and learn a little bit more about what the company has to offer and how it’s been performing in the US market:

fB: You are part of the NIBO Corporation. Can you please tell us about the background of your company?

DL: Nibo Corporation is our parent company. Back in 2001, our first USA branch was established and as time progressed, David-Link has become the new name for biometrics in our company. In 2002, the company started to focus on the development and integration of Biometric Time and Attendance and Door Access Control Systems. Since then, our company has been growing and expanding our product line, and bringing on many new exciting items along the way.

fB: Will you please review David-Link product line up for us? I know that it is quite broad.

DL: We are primarily known for being a manufacturer of Biometric Door Access Control and Biometric Time and Attendance lines. We have all the accessories that go along with these devices including our proximity reader extension for our A-1300 model, and exit buttons for our access control line. Our newest product we have brought into the David-Link family is our Biometric Safe. I can also say with confidence that there are quite a few more products in the works that are projected to release by the end of the year.

fB: What vertical markets are you focusing on?

DL: The thing with biometrics is that we are able to serve such a diverse range of vertical markets. We focus anywhere from finance and government facilities to recreation and retail facilities. In the year 2013, we have been working on reaching many different vertical markets, and have received a lot of positive feedback in doing so. We truly believe that there is a place for biometrics in nearly any vertical market, which is one of the aspects that makes Biometrics particularly special. Most companies are not able to say that they can offer their products to any number of vertical markets.

fB: Where globally are you seeing the greatest growth?

DL: There is not one specific area that is flourishing above the rest since there is a growing demand for Biometrics all around the world. The demand for audit trailing in government facilities and high-end security is rising just as it is in everyday business facilities.

fB: What is the greatest challenge facing the biometric marketplace today?

DL: The greatest challenge is to get past the common misconception that using your fingerprint as a form of identification can be dangerous. Many believe that if you place your fingerprint on any type of biometric device it will lead to identity theft, which is not true. Biometrics is actually one of the safest methods of identification. Fortunately, it does seem in the past year or so people are becoming much more informed about this type of technology. Hopefully that misconception will soon be a thing of the past.

fB: Has this been a good year for your company?

DL: This year has actually been our best year yet! David-Link has seen a growth in sales and it is evident that our presence in the industry is becoming hard to ignore. Just in the past few months we have seen our sales skyrocket, and in turn have hired more personnel to meet the rising demand for our products. Everyone at the company is so excited to see this type of growth!

fB:What can we expect to see from David-Link in the near future?

DL: Here at David-Link, we see a fast growing market in Biometrics not only for us, but for our distributors and their customers. Expect to see new products and more marketing from David-Link USA.