Interview: mofiria CEO Satoshi Amagai and Jintaro Nozawa, Fujisoft

Earlier in July, findBIOMETRICS reported on a new global strategic partnership between vascular biometric company mofiria Corporation and systems integrator Fujisoft.

Peter O’Neill, president of findBIOMETRICS (fB), had the chance to interview Satoshi Amagai, president and CEO of mofira, and Jintaro Nozawa, Director and Executive Operating Officer at Fujisoft. The discussion serves as an excellent overview of what each company has to offer in the biometric arena and the verticals ripe for finger vein authentication, as well as how their new partnership will manifest over the next year.


fB: Please provide our readers with a brief background of your company.

mofiria: mofiria, is a vein authentication technology company that spun off from Sony in 2010. We focus on providing the most accurate and reliable biometric authentication technology for mission-critical applications and transaction services. True to our motto “Compact, fast and comfortable,” mofiria strives to support private and public institutions to fulfil their security needs by leveraging our Finger Vein Authentication (FVA) solutions.  However, as a small company, we focus on improving our core technology strength and leverage strong partnerships with carefully selected vendors to provide full solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers. Fujisoft have many years of system integration and development experience which makes them a key partner in order to provide a full end to end vein authentication solution to our customers.

Fujisoft: FUJISOFT Incorporated is a leading IT vendor with over 40 years of System Integration and Embedded Software Development experience on a wide variety of technologies across many different industries, including Telecoms, Financial, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive and many more. Combining mofiria’s unique technology with Fujisoft’s extensive experience and global network will offer tremendous value to Customers eager to enhance the security of their products with FVA.

fB: Can you please describe Mofira’s range of products?

mofiria: mofiria has FVA units that can be used easily with a USB connection to a PC and also a FVA module that can be embedded into a wide variety of devices and machines. The main FVA devices include the FVA-U2SXA, which can be used easily with a USB connection to a personal computer. It’s Compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

The FVA-M1ST module has the flexibility to be embedded across a wide variety of different devices and machines including ATMs, Door Access Control Devices, Lock Boxes, Servers and many more.

Additionally, FVA-OA11, a standalone USB connected unit, combines mofiria’s FVA-M1ST, flat finger placement module with an outer casing. The casing is designed to achieve comfortable operability with high accuracy and high speed requiring the user to simply place their finger in a stable position.

Each of these devices come with a dedicated SDK enabling easy integration into the Customers planned system. The SDK type is dependent on the Customer’s desired implementation method and specifications. For example, they can choose to have either device matching or server matching. Device matching is when the user’s ID is authenticated on the FVA device itself while server matching allows the ID matching to take place in the cloud.

Fujisoft: Fujisoft offers Software Development and System Integration (SI). mofiria provides the device hardware and SDKs through their distribution partner Fujisoft. Customers then have the option to integrate mofiria’s FVA technology into their own systems, or if they require any additional SI or Development support Fujisoft have the resources to help. Please get in touch with us for any additional details.

fB:  What do you hope to achieve with this partnership?

mofiria: mofiria is a small company and our focus is to improve our core technology strength which is Finger Vein Authentication. We provide our customers with the Hardware and SDK to do this however, additional support is also needed.

Fujisoft: Fujisoft has over 40 years of System Integration and Development experience working on a variety of different products, including Smart devices, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Automotive, Factory Automation devices and many more.  Leveraging our global network, we can provide mofira’s products internationally while also complementing their industry leading technology with SI and Development options for Customers whenever required.

Our joint goal is to provide an end to end vein authentication solution globally, helping our Customers protect against any information leakage and fraud with our easy to use, highly secure and accurate biometric technology.

fB: What vertical markets are you focusing on?

mofiria: mofiria’s technology offers the highest accuracy and reliability which makes FVA particularly valuable for industries that require high security standards such as finance, critical infrastructure, medical, cloud computing and others.

mofira’s patented device layout enables customers to easily incorporate a FVA feature into a broad range of products and services including gateway security systems, financial transaction devices, mobile devices and many more.

For example, mofiria’s FVA solution has been embedded in ATM terminals in China for Banks that wish to differentiate themselves with more secure customer services. The growing demand for transaction safety and security will lead to increased adoption of biometric authentication technology in the banking industry.

Furthermore, FVA is also finding increased adoption by public institutions such as the Turkish government that just rolled out a nationwide project. It aims to equip national hospitals and pharmacies with biometric identification systems in order to strengthen security standards for patient information and access to medical records.

fB: What can we expect to see from this partnership in the next year?

Fujisoft: Our goal is to increase the number of FVA devices currently in use by public and private sector organizations globally. Over the next year both Fujisoft and mofira will work closely to pioneer FVA technology as the most secure and accurate biometric technology. As customers begin to see the effectiveness and flexibility of this technology we shall continue to drive the adoption of FVA in more and more systems globally.