INTERVIEW: Fujitsu’s Jason Bradlee at Money20/20 2017 [AUDIO]

FindBiometrics was at Money20/20 this week, covering the biometrics boom underway in financial services. Biometrics have had a presence at Money20/20 since year one, but never before has strong authentication and biometry been so prolific at the Las Vegas conference.

At Money20/20, FindBiometrics Peter O’Neill had a chance to speak with Jason Bradlee, Head of Security, Fujitsu Americas.

The interview begins with talk of the identity tech and biometrics offerings Fujitsu showed off at Money20/20, then goes on to discuss the future of Biometrics-as-a-Service, before concluding with talk of how Apple’s new Face ID fits into Fujitsu’s authentication in the cloud paradigm.

Listen to our full interview with Jason Bradlee, Head of Security, Fujitsu Americas: