IDEX Offers Details on OT-Morpho

IDEX is celebrating partner Safran Identity & Security’s merger with Oberthur Technologies, and revealing a few details about what it means.

IDEX Offers Details on OT-MorphoThe news broke this week that Bpifrance and Advent International, OT’s majority stakeholder, had completed their acquisition of Safran’s identity division, establishing a new joint operation called OT-Morpho. Commenting on the development in a statement, IDEX has indicated that “OT-Morpho” is in fact merely the “temporarily designated” name for the new entity. The company also said that OT-Morpho now has a cumulative staff of 14,000 around the world, and that it will focus on the industries of “Financial Services, Telecom, Identity, Security and IoT.”

IDEX’s interest and considerable knowledge on the matter stem from the company’s partnership with Safran Identity & Security. The two firms worked together to bring biometric technology into new payment cards that Mastercard has been trialing, and given the growing buzz around biometric smart cards, it’s a collaboration that could prove extensive beyond the Mastercard project and even beyond the payments sector.

As such, Safran’s merger with OT is a big deal for IDEX, which now finds itself allied with a huge new conglomerate in the identity industry.

June 2, 2017 – by Alex Perala