IDEX Biometrics Execs Make Large Share Purchases

IDEX Biometrics Execs Make Large Share Purchases

A pair of IDEX Biometrics executives have bought significant share holdings in the Norwegian fingerprint sensor specialist, according to mandatory trade notices from the company.

Two of the notices concern Stephen A. Skaggs, a member of IDEX’s board. One notice, issued August 21st, attests that Skaggs “bought 50,000 shares in IDEX in the Oslo Børs market at the equivalent of USD 0.1782 per share,” bringing his total number of IDEX shares to 100,000. The other notice, issued the following day, notes that Skaggs bought another 50,000 shares, this time “at the equivalent of USD 0.2021 per share,” bringing his IDEX share holdings to 150,000.

Skaggs is the newest member of IDEX Biometrics’ Board of Directors, appointed in late spring of this year. Skaggs boasts of 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, having served as CEO of Lattice Semiconductor for two of them.

IDEX’s other mandatory trade notice concerns another recent hire, Derek P. D’Antilio, who became the company’s new Chief Financial Officer in July. On August 22nd, D’Antilio bought 50,000 shares in IDEX at NOK 1.78 per share; as a result, he now holds 50,000 shares as well as “2,000,000 incentive subscription rights to shares in IDEX,” according to the company’s notice.

The share purchases come soon after IDEX’s Q2 update, in which the company emphasized its progress in gearing up for the emergence of biometric payment cards, an area in which IDEX has sought to establish itself as a supplier of fingerprint sensor technology used in such cards.

August 23, 2019 – by Alex Perala