IdentoGO Temporary Enrollment Center Opens in Miami

IdentoGO opened an additional, temporary enrollment center in Miami today.

IdentoGO Temporary Enrollment Center Opens in MiamiIt’s meant, of course, to facilitate registration in TSA PreCheck, a biometric pre-screening program designed to enable expedited security screening for travelers at participating airports in the US. That program has seen considerable expansion over the last several months, reaching two million enrollments near the start of this year.

Now, with passenger wait times rising during the busy summer travel season, more travelers are turning to TSA PreCheck to help speed things along. To help manage this increased demand, IdentoGO is opening temporary enrollment centers across a number of major US cities, from New York to L.A. to Houston.

In Miami’s case, the temporary enrollment center begins operations today, and will remain open until the end of the week, July 23rd. It’s expected to facilitate over a thousand additional appointments for the duration, which should help to get more travelers where they’re going.

July 19, 2016 – by Alex Perala