IDEMIA Announces Second NFL Partnership for TSA PreCheck

IDEMIA has announced another partnership with an NFL football team to promote TSA PreCheck enrollment. The management of the San Francisco 49ers will host IDEMIA’s enrollment desks at the Levi’s Stadium.IDEMIA Announces Second NFL Partnership for TSA PreCheck

News of the partnership comes soon after IDEMIA announced a similar partnership with the New York Jets, marking an expansion of its efforts to promote enrollment in the TSA PreCheck program, which allows travelers to enjoy expedited security screening at participating airports thanks to biometric pre-enrollment. Like the Jets partnership, IDEMIA’s 49ers agreement entails deepening collaboration beyond the initial enrollment desks, with a press release indicating that “the 49ers will test options to streamline fan entrance into Levi’s® Stadium, enhance the fan experience inside the stadium, and look at the implementation of biometrics at point of sale.”

The statement’s language also points to the growing primacy of the IDEMIA brand after the organization rebranded from OT-Morpho at the end of September. Before Oberthur Technologies and Safran Identity & Security merged to form OT-Morpho earlier this year, TSA PreCheck was administrated by Safran subsidiary IdentoGO by MorphoTrust. But both NFL partnership announcements named IDEMIA as the primary actor, with the latest statement referring to “IDEMIA’s IdentoGO solution” and “IDEMIA’s IdentoGO technology”.

October 23, 2017 – by Alex Perala