IBIA Praises DHS Strategic Framework for Biometrics

IBIA Praises DHS Strategic Framework for BiometricsThe US Department of homeland Security (DHS) has recently issued a strategic framework for biometrics, and among its many supporters is the International Biometrics & Identification Association (IBIA). Early this morning, the IBIA announced that is has posted an in depth response to the DHS biometrics framework on its website, detailing point-by-point the association’s support and suggestions to improve the initiative.

According to the IBIA, the DHS framework stands as a solid foundation upon which a productive dialogue on biometrics can be built. In a press release announcing the response, the IBIA offered to host the DHS, providing it a platform for communications and facilitating dialogue on the matter.

“We can’t afford to wait,” said Tovah LaDier, who spoke about the framework at the Global Identity Summit (GIS) in Tampa. “Technical upgrades to DHS systems are already in the works. DHS now recognizes that formal interaction with industry is vital to success. We are taking them at their word and moving forward.”

As implied above, the IBIA has found room for improvement, recommending the DHS expand its list of modalities mentioned in the framework (fingerprint, iris, face) to include voice recognition and Rapid DNA as well as other types of biometrics.

“Ongoing discussions about DHS’s challenges and requirements are the first step in creating a valuable partnership that will benefit both the Department and the companies that serve its needs,” said LaDier.

A productive conversation on the use of biometrics for national security purposes is the goal here. With the DHS framework set as an encouraging baseline, the IBIA states in the conclusion of its full response that it will reach out to the authors of the DHS document to pursue further dialogue.

The full response to the DHS framework can be found on the IBIA’s website.

September 22, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter