iBeta’s Biometrics Team Scores Fingerprint Evaluation Study

Today, iBeta Quality Assurance announced that Sandia National Laboratories has awarded it with a Fingerprint Evaluation Study Contract. iBeta, an accredited Biometrics Testing Laboratory under the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, will conduct the study on biometric devices provided by 3M, Integrated Biometrics, Lumidigm and Precise Biometrics.

Fingerprint Biometrics

iBeta will conduct the Fingerprint Evaluation Study on biometric devices provided by 3M, Integrated Biometrics, Lumidigm and Precise Biometrics.

Sandia Laboratories is being sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security in awarding this study contract.

According to iBeta, more information on the study will be released next week during a Department of Homeland Security Briefing at the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida.

The vendors whose devices are subject to this iBeta study have been in the news recently. Last week, 3M Cogent was described as one of the key vendors in the growing law enforcement biometrics market in a report released by Research and Markets.

Precise Biometrics announced earlier today that is has appointed a new CFO to its management team in accordance with its aims to achieve profitability in 2015. Last week the company announced that its Precise BioMatch Mobile biometric algorithm is featured on the new flagship smartphone from Huawei.

As part of our Road to Biometrics UnPlugged summer event, Lumidigm’s biometric ATM solutions made our list of next generation commerce deployments.

As for Integrated Biometrics, earlier this year its Sherlock Light Emitting Fingerprint sensor received support from M2SYS through the Hybrid Biometric Platform: a multimodal biometrics system that supports fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, iris, face and more identification modalities.

September 8, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter