Hoyos Challenges Hackers to Steal Its Cryptocurrency

Hoyos Integrity Corporation is challenging hackers to steal its RISEN cryptocurrency tokens.Hoyos Challenges Hackers to Steal Its Cryptocurrency

One hundred million dollars’ worth of the RSN tokens have been loaded by the company into a public cryptocurrency wallet, and Hoyos has issued its public address and its private key. The company is banking on its biometric security, with its H-RISEN biometric smartphone using special three-dimensional fingerprint imaging for user authentication. Hoyos says it has been running its Global Hacker Challenge for two weeks now, and has already seen more than 300 hack attacks – none of which were successful.

In a statement announcing the Challenge, Hoyos CEO and CTO Hector Hoyos struck a boastful note. “If you really believe in what you do, then put it to the test in the most open and public way possible, hence we came out with this challenge,” he said. “If you can hack it, you can keep it, but it won’t happen.”

Hoyos launched its Global Hacker Challenge ahead of an Initial Coin Offering for RSN that will launch in mid-July, with a current token pre-sale on now. Sixty percent of the tokens are on sale, but you can still get 100 million dollars’ worth if you can crack Hoyos’s public wallet.