HoneyTek Systems Adopts Behavioral Biometrics Care of BioCatch

HoneyTek Systems, a Canadian business consultancy, is going to offer its customers behavioral biometrics security thanks to a new partnership with BioCatch.

HoneyTek Systems Adopts Behavioral Biometrics Care of BioCatchThe latter’s technology will complement HoneyTek’s current firewall, IPS, SIEM, and cloud-based security solutions for clients. That means clients who take advantage of BioCatch’s technology will be able to remove friction from the end user experience, thanks to the continuous authentication enabled by behavioral biometrics.

In a statement announcing the partnership, HoneyTek CEO Nitish Hejmadi highlighted some of the specific threats that BioCatch’s technology is uniquely able to address, asserting that “being able to identify account takeover threats stemming from malware, robotic activity, Remote Access Trojans and social engineering, is very important in the current cybersecurity climate we are operating in.”

HoneyTek’s incorporation of the solution into its portfolio comes soon after BioCatch’s announcement of LexisNexis Risk Solutions’ incorporation of its technology into its Risk Defense Platform, suggesting that BioCatch’s pitch for the benefits of authentication based on behavioral patterns is being heard.

September 6, 2017 – by Alex Perala