GUEST POST: An Exclusive Look at BIO-key’s Biometric Bicycle Locks

The following article is a Consumer Biometrics Month sponsored guest post written by Scott Mahnken, VP of Marketing, BIO-key.

Here’s a look at one of BIO-key’s new BoT products. It’s the TouchLock Bicycle version:

GUEST POST: An Exclusive Look at BIO-key's Biometric Bicycle Locks

There’s a tremendous market of consumers that enjoy biking or simply use their bicycle for transportation.  

In large cities, it’s common for restaurants to deliver food to customers via bicycle and cities such as New York have bicycle messengers that deliver mail and packages navigating throughout the crowded streets. For the extreme bicycling enthusiasts that spend over $1,000 for their pleasure, buying a bike is a real investment. And today thousands of college students rely on their bikes for inexpensive – reliable transportation from class to class and throughout the campus.

GUEST POST: An Exclusive Look at BIO-key's Biometric Bicycle Locks

Thanks to BIO-key, gone are the days of carrying a key for your padlock. And thanks to BIO-key there’s no need to remember that three number combination.  How many of us always kept our combination locks poised so that we only had to enter the last number, for fast opening?  Not so secure, right?

The TouchLock bicycle version comes with a hardened steel cable and water resistant casing to protect the finger scanner.

With TouchLock your bicycle is safe and secure – yet ready for action in an instant, thanks to BIO-key and the power of a touch.

Happy riding!

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