Gorilla Technology Takes Multifaceted Approach with Security Convergence Platform

Video analytics specialist Gorilla Technology has launched a new security solution leveraging machine learning and facial recognition. Called Security Convergence, the platform is designed to assess data from various sources such as CCTV and mobile devices in order to let end users detect suspicious behavior.Gorilla Technology Takes Multifaceted Approach with Security Convergence Platform

The company is seeking to differentiate its security solution from others through its cross-channel approach. As Gorilla Technology CEO Spincer Koh explains in a statement announcing the solution, “Cyber security is often focused on conventional threats, but new Advanced Persistent Threats and malware attacks are becoming unconventional, taking advantage of every new attack surface such as in the physical domain.” Thus, by monitoring information from multiple different channels such as video feeds and network activity, Security Convergence can transcend the information silos that can limit a security framework.

While Security Convergence offers business applications, Gorilla Technology appears to be pitching the solution primarily to the law enforcement sector, asserting in its announcement that Security Convergence “conducts real-time searches and tracking of people, vehicles and devices or other objects,” and that it “facilitates watch list creation to specify both unusual activities that indicate criminal intent and individuals known to pose a risk, thereby reducing manual effort and limiting human error.”

The solution faces what seems to be a growing market, with government agencies increasingly looking to AI-driven and biometric security solutions, and major public-facing organizations like Madison Square Garden leveraging automated facial recognition technology for both security and promotional purposes. Gorilla Technology will demo the platform at ISC West 2018, which will run from April 11th to 13th in Las Vegas.

March 14, 2018 – by Alex Perala