Gigaset Integrates FPC Tech in New Smartphones

Gigaset Integrates FPC Tech in New SmartphonesGigaset has announced three new Android smartphones that will feature Fingerprint Cards (FPC) technology. The Gigaset ME Pure, Gigaset ME, and Gigaset ME Pro will all come with a built-in FPC1025 fingerprint sensor.

The devices range from the lower-middle to the upper-middle range in price. Their inclusion of fingerprint sensors demonstrates the technology’s increasingly standard presence on upper- and mid-range mobile devices, and may also be a preemptive measure in anticipation of the launch of Google’s Android Pay mPayment service, which could potentially use fingerprint scanning for payment authentication, as Apple Pay does now.

The integrations also help to solidify FPC’s strong presence in the smartphone fingerprint sensor market, which it has established with the help of Precise Biometrics’ software. But it also bucks a recent trend that has seen FPC technology ascendant in the Asia-Pacific market: Gigaset, a Siemens offshoot, is based in Germany. This could indicate and extension of FPC’s market reach; in any case, it highlights the continuing ascent of smartphone fingerprint sensors.

September 2, 2015 – by Alex Perala