Georgian County Signs On for Live Scan System

Georgian County Signs On for Live Scan SystemGeorgia’s Lincoln County has signed on for the state’s Live Scan biometric identification system. Law enforcement administrators in the county received training on the new system this past Tuesday.

Run at the state level, Live Scan is a service available to municipalities seeking to take advantage of faster, fingerprint-based biometric matching and identification services. It has also been in use in the state of California, where Santa Monica city administrators recently recommended continuing with their subscription to the service at a cost of up to $60,000 annually. In Lincoln County’s case, the system was implemented to accord with new state-imposed standards, according to Sheriff Bruce Beggs; but he also explained that the system’s cost to the county, at only $10,000, could be funded by a Jail Fee Maintenance fund administrated by county courts.

Biometric identification technology is proving increasingly appealing to government authorities; earlier this month, Baltimore city administrators moved to acquire mobile fingerprint scanning devices for in-the-field use by police. The technology’s applications aren’t just limited to law enforcement, though: Sheriff Beggs said that the Live Scan system would also be used to administrate background checks for child care workers, school officials, and for concealed carry permits. These kinds of applications are also proving popular on a wider scale as federal authorities explore the possibilities of biometric background checks for workers in public trust positions.

Source: WRDW-TV News 12

September 10, 2015 – by Alex Perala