GenKey Brings Identity Management To The Cloud

GenKey Brings Identity Management To The CloudGenKey, a secure identity company specializing in healthcare and elections, has announced a new cloud-based iteration of its SPiRE ID Management Solution.

SPiRE is basically a platform revolving around the management of large numbers of subjects. It interfaces with GenKey ABIS to provide biometric deduplication, and with GenKey Adjudication to allow for the administration of biometric duplicates. The new cloud-based version provides obvious advantages with respect to accessibility, and also sports a number of additional functions including a full audit trail.

In a statement, GenKey CEO Michiel van der Veen emphasized the platform’s application in electoral deployments. “Security and transparency are key factors in large-scale projects such as national elections,” he said, adding that SPiRE “includes state-of-the-art encryption and traceable transactions, protecting the privacy of voters and enhancing the transparency of elections.”

That could prove highly appealing as more countries around the world begin to embrace online elections. Moreover, the growing importance of biometric technology in elections for voter authentication also provides an opportunity for GenKey, whose fingerprint biometrics technology is distinguished with FBI certification.