Gemalto Offers Further Details on French Biometric Airport Deployments

Gemalto is offering further details on its biometric passenger screening projects at the Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports as they start to get underway.Gemalto Offers Further Details on French Biometric Airport Deployments

The company first announced it had been selected to implement the technology last autumn. The work is getting underway this year, and Gemalto has revealed that it is deploying 87 automated eGates that will use both fingerprint and facial recognition to authenticate passengers, with the biometric data matched against that stored in travelers’ ePassports.

The technology will be trialed with French citizens for a month, and if the testing proves successful it will then be expanded to all citizens of the European Union. Initially, only fingerprint data will be used for passenger screening, with facial recognition to be implemented pending approval from French border authorities, at which time it will replace fingerprint identification, offering what Gemalto says will be an even more convenient means of screening for passengers.

The efforts are coming into play at a time of growing enthusiasm for biometric airport screening around the world, both from government authorities like the US Customs and Border Protection agency and from air travel companies looking for a means of improving the customer experience.

July 7, 2017 – by Alex Perala