Gemalto Supplies CABIS, LiveScan Tech to Uganda’s National Police Force

Gemalto Supplies CABIS, LiveScan Tech to Uganda's National Police Force

Ugandan police now have a powerful new biometric tool at their disposal, thanks to Gemalto. The company has revealed that its Cogent Automated Biometric Identification System, or CABIS, is now being used by the Uganda Police Force together with its LiveScan technology.

CABIS was first developed by 3M Cogent, which was acquired by Gemalto in the spring of 2017. Upgraded to version seven the following autumn, the system enables biometric records matching based on fingerprint, facial, and palm biometrics.

LiveScan, meanwhile, is designed to enable the collection of this biometric data, along with the mugshots and biographical information traditionally collected by police.

In a statement announcing the deployment, Uganda Police Force Police Undersecretary Muhirwa Rogers emphasized the power and utility of biometric technology in policing applications. “Investment in Gemalto CABIS and LiveScan technology is the latest step forward in the modernization not just of Ugandan law enforcement, but our wider homeland security infrastructure,” he said.

Gemalto also indicated in its announcement that the Uganda Police Force will also trial Gemalto Mobile Biometric Identification, a solution that allows police officers to collect fingerprints using a mobile device, though the company did not indicate a timeline for the trial.

February 11, 2019 – by Alex Perala