[AUDIO INTERVIEW] Gary Jones, VP, IDEMIA on Frictionless Technology at ISC West

Gary Jones, Vice President Global Channeling and Marketing, IDEMIA

Gary Jones, Vice President Global Channeling and Marketing, IDEMIA (left) with FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill, next to the new MorphoWave Compact biometric reader.

FindBiometrics is at ISC West this week in Las Vegas, Nevada, amplifying the biometric buzz with our audio interview series. Reporting live from the exhibition floor, Peter O’Neill caught up with Gary Jones, Vice President, Channel & Marketing, Biometric Access & Time Solutions, IDEMIA. Frictionless technology is a major talking point at ISC West this year, and Jones discussed MorphoWave, a technology that allows users be ‘on the move’ during fingerprint capture.

“[MorphoWave] is a touchless three dimensional fingerprint technology which scans all fingers with a simple wave of the hand,” said Jones. “We launched it in ’15 when the market’s demand for frictionless was starting to emerge. The primary focus was using the technology in high traffic areas, primarily in conjunction with turnstiles or speed gates where you had a lot of throughput.”

“We are very pleased to have massive adoption of the technology in the years since, especially in the financial sector, the educational sector, the tech sector and many others,” said Jones.

Jones went on to discuss IDEMA’s latest product, saying: “The new part of the MorphoWave range, which is called the MorphoWave Compact. We were able to get a 86 percent reduction in size, and a 93 percent reduction in weight of the overall product, at the same time maintain the same speed and image quality in the optical system, and also include additional features such as IP 65.”

Jones went on to talk about the 2017 OT-Morpho merger resulting in IDEMIA, and the latest and biggest changes in both ISC West and the biometrics industry at large.

Listen to our full audio interview with Gary Jones, Vice President, Channel & Marketing, Biometric Access & Time Solutions, IDEMIA:

April 13, 2018 – by Susan Stover