Huawei’s Air Travel ICT Solutions Include Biometric Tech

As the air travel industry’s appetite for biometric technology solutions continues to grow, Huawei is getting in on the action.Huawei's Air Travel ICT Solutions Include Biometric Tech At this week’s Passenger Terminal Expo in Stockholm, the company is showcasing its Huawei Smart Airport Visualized Safety Solution, a cloud-based video surveillance solution that uses 4K cameras and facial recognition technology both for facility security and to identify passengers as they pass through a given airport’s terminals.

It is one of several such solutions currently on the market, with major players such as Vision-Box and IDEMIA also offering biometric passenger processing solutions that can be used to both improve security and speed up the security screening process. But given the increasing trend toward biometric and other automated solutions among air travel leaders and government agencies, there may be plenty of room for competition.

In any case, the biometric surveillance system is just one of Huawei’s ICT solutions for the air travel industry. Its Huawei Smart Airport Visualized Operations Solution enables eLTE broadband, IP telephony, and videoconferencing communications; and the company is also offering big data analytics and Wi-Fi-powered location-based services to enhance the passenger experience.

To help promote these solutions, Huawei has teamed up with the International Air Transport Association, asserting in a statement that the partnership will enable the company to “leverage its new ICT solutions and expertise to support IATA’s efforts in accelerating digital transformation of the aviation industry.” That could help to make Huawei a strong contender as it seeks to get a foothold in the rapidly digitizing air travel market.

March 22, 2018 – by Alex Perala