Gartner Names Group-IB as a Representative Vendor in Fraud Detection

Gartner Names Group-IB as a Representative Vendor in Fraud Detection

Singapore’s Group-IB has been listed as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2019 Market Guide for Online Fraud Detection. The cybersecurity specialist was specifically recognized for its Secure Bank/Secure Portal platform, which has been deployed by a number of different banks and online retailers who collectively serve more than 70 million customers.

Secure Bank/Secure Portal is a behavioral biometrics solution that analyzes account sessions to create unique profiles for individual devices and distinguish legitimate user activity from its fraudulent counterpart. If the platform spots suspicious behavior, it is able to send an alert to the appropriate party or block the interaction entirely.     

“We are thrilled that we’re recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide, which we believe is not only a testament to our expertise, but also a shift in market focus to more advanced anti-fraud solutions,” said Group-IB’s Head of Fraud Prevention, Pavel Krylov. “We’ll continue improving our product by speeding up detection and enhancing accuracy in order to ensure the security of our customers.”

Group-IB’s platform guards online and mobile channels in real time. Earlier this year, Gartner released a separate report predicting that app-based access management solutions would become more common in the workplace, so the fact that it is identifying mobile solutions like Secure Bank/Secure Portal is not all that surprising.

A 2018 Gartner Market Guide named Jumio’s Netverify as a Representative Vendor in Identity Proofing and Corroboration.

July 11, 2019 – by Eric Weiss