Fujitsu Provides Biometric Authentication for Japanese Utility Company

Fujitsu Provides Biometric Authentication for Japanese Utility Company

Fujitsu has announced that TEPCO Systems Corporation has deployed Fujitsu’s FIDO-certified Online Biometric Authentication Service to streamline its maintenance procedures. The platform is specifically being used to improve operations for TEPCO Power Grid, which handles utility pole maintenance in the company’s service area.

As with other FIDO-certified services, Fujitsu’s Online Biometric Authentication app is designed to eliminate the need for passwords with secure biometric verification. In the case of TEPCO, the platform will safeguard the personal information of residents and technicians using the company’s website, which allows citizens to upload photos and report utility pole irregularities to help technicians assess the problem before they arrive onsite.

The Online Biometric Authentication Service also makes it easier for technicians to access reports from the field without compromising the security of the company’s network, while employees at TEPCO’s corporate office can use biometric mobile devices to log into work PCs by scanning QR codes provided through the app.

The partnership is a prime example of the efficiency benefits of FIDO’s password-free authentication standards, even in physical trades that don’t necessarily have an obvious demand for mobile authentication services. Fujitsu’s palm print scanner is currently being used in fruit farming in Washington state, and the company’s Online Biometric Authentication Service is similarly able to leverage biometrics to make TEPCO’s work operations safer and more secure.

March 5, 2019 – by Eric Weiss