Fujitsu Launches Online Biometric Authentication Service

Fujitsu has announced a new online biometric authentication service. Aptly named the “Online Biometric Authentication Service”, it’s part of the company’s MetaArc digital business platform, and is compliant with FIDO Alliance standards.Fujitsu Launches Online Biometric Authentication Service

The aim of the service is to allow client organizations to build post-password authentication systems for a range of applications – in a  statement announcing the service, Fujitsu highlighted e-commerce, online banking, ticket purchases, and even car sharing. The system is designed to authenticate primarily through facial recognition, with some other biometrics supported, and Fujitsu says its capabilities “can broadly cover Android and iOS smartphone users”. And Fujitsu offers software development kits and other support services to help clients get their systems up and running.

Fujitsu’s newest service launches first in Japan, and the company says its aim is “to provide the service for 10 million IDs by fiscal 2018.”

December 21, 2016 – by Alex Perala