France’s National Police Are Using Morpho Video Investigator

Safran Identity & Security‘s Morpho Video Investigator (MVI) is now being used by the French National Police.

France's National Police Are Using Morpho Video InvestigatorFirst launched at last year’s Global Identity Summit, MVI applies facial recognition, license plate recognition, and other identification capabilities to video data, allowing investigators to dramatically reduce the amount of work that usually goes into activities such as looking through surveillance feeds for criminal suspects. This kind of technology appears to be growing increasingly popular among law enforcement and security agencies, and Safran has now revealed that the French police have been using MVI since June of this year.

In particular, the national police force has been using the system for “counter-terrorism investigations,” and according to a statement from Safran Identity & Security they are already seeing its benefits, with the deputy chief of the agency’s forensics department, Dominique Abbenanti, asserting that MVI “has allowed the forensic police to improve the way they handle video footage” and that the police force is “now looking to optimize its use to make further gains in productivity during our investigations where time is of the essence.”

The deployment may be a point of pride for Safran Identity & Security, given that the global company is itself based in France.

November 30, 2016 – by Alex Perala