FPC, TPK Announce Under-Glass Sensor Solution

FPC, TPK Announce Under-Glass Sensor SolutionFingerprint Cards has successfully implemented its latest sensor under glass, the company has announced. The work was done in collaboration with lamination and cover glass specialist TPK using the FPC1268 fingerprint sensor.

It’s the first of FPC’s sensors to be designed for under-glass deployments, allowing it to be integrated under the glass face of a smartphone. This could open up some appealing design options for mobile OEMs and allow for better user experiences as well, and given FPC’s prominence as a sensor supplier to the mobile market, such solutions could soon appear in a range of devices.

The solution is being offered through a partnership between the two companies, which would work together to develop under-glass sensor systems for OEMs. Commenting in a statement, TPK CEO Michael Chung said his company is excited “to contribute with TPK market leading lamination technology and cover glass experience to enable mass production of mobile devices where the FPC1268 sensor is completely hidden behind cover glass.”

The companies plan to demonstrate this solution at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

February 18, 2016 -by Alex Perala