FirVox Aims to Replace Digital Signature with Voiceprint

A new authentication solution aims to replace signatures with voiceprints. Called FirVox, it’s aimed at the European market in the wake of new digital trust regulations.

FirVox Aims to Replace Digital Signature with VoiceprintThe system is designed to offer a simple means of authentication where a signature might have once been required, all through a user’s phone. A signatory is prompted to speak into her device for the establishment of a biometric signature based on her voice, which is then encrypted and time stamped in a digital document. That document is then essentially the user’s digital signature.

The offering comes in the wake of the implementation of eIDAS, or electronic Identification Authentication and Signature, a digital trust regulation that applies across the European Union. FirVox is the first voice signature platform to have passed an audit from the European Agency of Digital Trust and receive its Firma Vocal Ready! (Voice Signature Ready) accreditation, helping to ensure that it meets eIDAS standards.

In offering FirVox, Spain-based Biometric Vox is one of a relatively small number of pioneers at the forefront of the biometric signature field – a technological area that appears likely to grow as organizations across Europe seek more secure, eIDAS-compliant technologies for digital trust.

January 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala