User Enthusiasm Propels Expansion of Fingopay Biometric Payments Solution at Copenhagen Business School

Photo via Sthaler via: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

“We are excited to be working with an industry leader such as Dankort, and extending the reach of finger vein technology in payments. The Nordic region is leading the charge towards a cashless future and is very receptive to innovative ideas. We have been working closely with the Nets Smart Payment team along with Dankort for more than a year and this significant launch at Copenhagen Business School is the culmination of our combined efforts.” -Simon Binns, Managing Director, Sthaler

Sthaler‘s naked payments system is going to expand its presence at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), thanks to popular demand, the company has announced.

Fingopay was first launched at CBS this spring, enabling students and academic staff registered in the system to make payments at the school’s cafeteria using the unique pattern of their veins. Because their biometric data is linked directly to their Dankort national debit cards, they are able to make their purchases without the need for actual payment cards or any other mediating hardware.

Photo via Sthaler via: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

Now, an expansion is set to bring Fingopay to a total of 32 points of sale at six different sites across CBS. And that’s thanks to the enthusiastic response the system received, with Sthaler explaining in a statement that the school’s student paper, CBS Wire, had been “lobbying for Fingopay to be available permanently, everywhere on campus.”

Elaborating further on Fingopay’s success, Jeppe Juul-Andersen of Nets, the operator of Dankort, attested, “We are overwhelmed by how well the users have adopted the solution,” adding that 85 percent of Fingopay users have paid more than once using the solution.

Sthaler also emphasized its solution’s use of vascular biometrics in its statement, noting that Fingopay used infrared vein-scanning technology from Hitachi, the vein pattern leaves no trace and cannot be copied. It is an ideal biometric for high security authentication, with built-in liveness detection, further securing Fingopay against the kind of spoofing attacks that are starting to emerge. Given the system’s sophisticated security and users’ enthusiasm over its convenience, its expansion at CBS appears to be a natural development that points to more growth to come.

December 11, 2018 – by Alex Perala