Fingopay Naked Payments System Expands with Danish Deployment

Fingopay Naked Payments System Expands with Danish DeploymentThe Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in Denmark has become the site of another pioneering naked payments deployment, with students able to make purchases in the school’s cafeteria via a simple finger scan.

The deployment is the product of a collaboration between CBS, Smart Payments, digital payments specialist Nets, and Sthaler’s Fingopay naked payments business. Students or school visitors who have a Dankort, Denmark’s national debit card, can register for the system, linking their biometric data to their payment accounts to let them make payments without using any actual payment cards or other hardware.

As for the biometric technology itself, it’s based not on standard fingerprint recognition but rather finger vein scanning. Blood circulation is required for the biometric authentication process, ensuring that the system is not susceptible to the kinds of spoofing threats faced by conventional fingerprint authentication systems.

The CBS deployment marks the expansion of Fingopay outside of the UK, which saw another academic deployment last year at Brunel University in London, through a collaboration with UK supermarket Costcutter. Commenting on this latest deployment in a statement, Nets Dankort VP Jeppe Juul-Andersen suggested it could lead to further collaboration. “We are excited to see how card holders find the finger vein payment experience,” he said. “If they react positively, we will consider launching pilot schemes in other Nordic countries as well.”

April 26, 2018 – by Alex Perala