Fingerprint Scanners Used to Cut Costs at UK Rec Centre

Fingerprint BiometricsBiometrics technology continues its march into workaday life as fingerprint-scanners have now been installed for employee tracking in the UK’s Writhlington Sports and Leisure. The not-for-profit community recreational centre employs a staff of over 70 people, and until now had been using paper timesheets to track their work.

This development follows recent news that a Mexican bakery chain has employed a similar system. In that case the upgrade was positioned primarily as a means to cut fraudulent time-tracking on the part of employees; whereas in the case of Writhlington Sports and Leisure, the move is being portrayed as an enhancement of efficiency, as managers no longer have to deal with the large amounts of paperwork required to manage paper timesheets of their staff.

It’s yet another step in biometric technology’s creeping into everyday life, with motion-tracking devices now monitoring athletic performance in recreational sports and face recognition technology tracking audience laughter in comedy clubs.

November 19, 2014 – by Alex Perala